08/14/2015: added 2 new dreams, and 2 old ones i found in a folder. also added a new piece of game writing! have been working on a sequel to Crypt Worlds for the last 10 months, and have been working on it much more lately, but may still be years before it's done. figured i'd give an update, tho!

03/13/2015: Somehow forgot to add Ghost Tower to the list of games! So now here it is! Also added a new piece of writing, "underworld"

12/25/2014: NEW- VIDGAME! Wander the ruins of LOST TOWN!

12/18/2014: added a couple of new pieces of writing!

09/13/2014: VIDEOGAME! It's here, it's now! Oneiric Gardens! 3D Junglegym thrown together from shards of memories and dreams, feelings and places.

07/31/2014:NEW! Miniquest of Dreams... What are the- ASPIRATIONS OF THE FLYER??! Find out today...

07/22/2014: Made a short 3D experiment about weird dream movement and my love of jumping from high geometry in early 3D games. Play GEOMETRY FALLS here!

07/10/2014: ANOTHER NEW GAME!- my god! Experience the wonders of: YOUR FAVORITE SONG!

06/30/2014: Changed the layout of the game index a bit, and added a short thing called FANTASYTOPIA to the list. Enjoy~

06/23/2014: Decided to put up a couple dreams I wrote down. One about being trapped in a drive-thru and another about weird stripmall geometry.

05/01/2014: Added some new pages and rearranged others for the Futile Crypt Adventure. Keep an eye out~!

04/08/2014: Updated SYMBOL to now have less jerky movement and way more stable mouselook. Hopefully makes the game much more playable!

04/05/2014: new dream about grape-mouthed girl and city

3/27/2014: added a new piece of game writing for first time in awhile. yes, amazing.


2/16/2014: Trying to add things missing from the site that I've posted other places... Added two dreams from my tumblr to the index: "Mario Hall" and "Demo Homes". Added a small piece by thecatamites and I to the writing index, as well. Returning to San Antonio day after tomorrow, and then want to try and focus on making more things specifically for the site again, really excited to have time alone to focus on these things. Currently working on a new game index, a continuation of the "futile crypt adventure", and other small things... Keep an eye out!

1/22/2014: For some reason just now added Apartment Building to the games index. Also started a new section called "Dark Field" where I will probably start to try posting short spaces based on memories or feelings about places. You can see it over here.

12/19/2013: LILITH IS VOTED "GOTY" OF 2013 [AMAZING!!!] Download it! Download ittt!!!

11/15/2013: I'LL NEVER STOP MAKING GAMES!!! Take another! And another! AND ANOTHER!!! (Release of "No Escape Saga" today!)

10/08/2013: Games... They keep on coming! GODDESS MAKER 2013: ~FOR DREAMERS ONLY~ IS OUT NOW!

9/22/2013: NEW GAME !!! SYMBOL

9/10/2013: Made a new virtual apartment, added it to the apartment building.


8/23/2013: Uploaded new builds of Crypt Worlds! It was possible to fall into several open cages and be trapped, which now are closed, and added some code so if you fall below the world you're sent back to the beginning of the area. Hope this helps!

8/07/2013: I added a new page to the Crypt Worlds area! You can read the tragic history of CryptGame RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW

8/03/2013: Added a dream I had a few days ago to my dream diary page.

7/26/2013: New game is out! Play "CRYPT GIRLS" at this moment! Do it! RIGHT HERE

6/15/2013: Just remembered linking to the article I wrote for Trashbabes would be a good idea! It can be accessed through the poems/writing index. Or skip that, and live the dream now!

6/15/2013: Started another section in the "Underground Dungeon". Fun adventures, meaningless experiences- they all await you there! How about a shortcut?

6/02/2013: Finished a handful of games themed around apartments/isolation/mania. You can now experience the terror of urban America for yourself here! The "Underground Dungeon" section has been updated, and links to this terrifying vision. In the future there may be more such experiences! Keep an eye out...

5/14/2013: I made a new game! It's called "Dungeon Lovers DX" and you can visit the main page, read the guide, and play the game here!

5/02/2013: Added another new piece of game writing as well as redoing the dream diary page so each dream has an individual page.

3/31/2013: Added an index for game writing, as well as a new article. Visit it here!

3/27/2013: Redid the writing page, now has an index from which pieces can be opened, etc. You can check it out here!

2/12/2013: Go to the Dark Passage, but be careful... Many Draculas have been sighted!

11/19/2012: Added the Underground Dungeon section and placeholder pages for subsections.

11/07/2012: Wrote a small piece on themes, and King's Field. It can be viewed here.

11/05/2012: Added a page for links, my poetry, dreams, and a placeholder for writing about games.

11/05/2012: Added -DAMNED: The Ultimate FPS Experience!- LITE to the list of games.

11/05/2012: Added this page!