05/31/2014: BUFFET CHAMBER

Trapped in a small parking lot, enclosed by multi-story stripmalls. It's pitch black and there's heavy PSX fog only letting me barely see the other side of the lot. I'm leaving home soon, and want to visit a Chinese buffet, "Mr. Panda" one last time before I go. I enter a door identical to the rest: the room is small, and has no windows, no details other than an elevator door on the opposite end. I take the elevator down.

I'm on a walkway, it must be at least 20 stories above the ground. The room is very tall, and square, and the walkway works around the exterior edge of the room. Each story has one of these walkways, and a small ramp leading down to the next level. In the middle of the room was a large white stone, with significant portions eroded, so there were cracks and chasms shaping the rock. A platform extending from the top walkway has a machine I see as I walk by: the machine has a number counter, and an oversized crank coming from the side. Turning the crank makes the rock spiral up like a screw. I jump over the railing and climb around on the stone. Exploring crevices, faces- finding fungi, tiny glimmering pools of water.

I find the core of the stone, a chamber with light coming from a hole in the ceiling. A door on the other end of the room leads to "Mr. Panda"- it is empty and has similar fog/draw-distance to the parking lot. The place was totally flat with carpeted step-pyramids arranged in a grid. Above each pyramid was a little ceiling lamp. Wandering to a wall, the buffet: endless line of vague bready things. I felt hungry but had no money, and left.