01/26/2014: DEMO HOMES

second attempt at sleeping last night i had a dream: it was half-life 2 except it was nothing like half-life 2 other than that i knew i was in half-life 2. i wore a business uniform and felt weird about it. i was going to a reactor for a job with my dog sidekick, also wearing a uniform. i left my apartment through a hole in the wall, and took the fire escape up to the roof. was worried about time and kept running / jumping along the rooftops with dog sidekick, we kept talking about the weird slippery physics. the city was surrounded by mountains: lining the base of these mountains were alien buildings that were really shiny and detailed compared to the rest of the city (which was vertical concrete blocks with windows cut out). streets were totally empty cept a train that was running alongside us the whole time.

enter block building: it’s work. the inside looks like one of those demo homes in neighborhoods used to try and sell you a boring suburban house. i get in argument with boss, who is sitting against a wall. they take my dog’s uniform off and my face changes into boss face. then i woke up and felt even more weird.