When I was around 8 I was fixated on experimenting with glitches in Ocarina of Time- all the beta screenshots and GeoCities pages showing images of debug menus and random crud that got left in the ROM furthered this idea I had that all these things were still there, but just outside reach. It extended beyond Ocarina of Time, though, and soon I started thinking about all the other games I played and what was hiding there, and even began making maps of imaginary "debug areas" that I invented for games like Bomberman 64 and Quest. At the peak of all this I was having dreams about similar themes, and one of my favorites was about some supposed "beta" version of Big Boo's Mansion where it was just a big dead field with unfinished houses littering the grounds. I was looking for a book but this big round ghost-thing just kept following me. It didn't really do anything beyond that- always just watching. The imagery of that dream has stuck with me and although I don't remember a huge amount other than a few details and a general aesthetic, it's been enough to inspire strange feelings about darkness. This game isn't just based on that dream, but is instead a mixture of places and feelings that go well with the general idea in my mind.