1.1 - Dungeon Entrance
1.2 - Prison
1.3 - Furnace
1.4 - Bone Pens
1.5 - Graveyard
1.6 - Catacombs
1.7 - Antechamber
1.8 - Foyer of the Damned
1.9 - ???

2.1 - Yelling Head
2.2 - Vomiting Val
2.3 - Eye Guy
2.4 - Weirdo
2.5 - Bone Hilda
2.6 - The Eternal Rocker
2.7 - Cultist




1.1 - Dungeon Entrance:
Not a lot to do here. Feel free to explore the ruins a bit, and take a look at the intricate designs on the fences. You've got places to go, though, so head down the stairwell and let's begin this crazy adventure!

1.2 - Prison:
Take a right and make sure to pick up the TREASURE CHEST that's at the end of the hall. Watch out for the "Yelling Head" (refer to chapter 2.1) though! If your ENDURANCE isn't high enough, its shrill yells will render your character unable to listen to the amazing music! If you bought the Dungeon Lovers DX official soundtrack it can act as a temporary replacement. After eating the TREASURE CHEST head back from where you came, continue down the main hall, past "Vomiting Val" (refer to chapter 2.2) and pick up the TREASURE CHEST next to the pillory before you hit the next stairwell.

1.3 - Furnace:
First thing you should make sure to equip the FLAME CLOAK or else your GOLD will begin to melt! If you haven't got the FLAME CLOAK yet, you will need to cut your losses, and make it back later in the game during the "Wall Street" mini-game. In the distance you can see "EYE GUY" (refer to chapter 2.3) fanning himself off. He may seem like a "chill" guy but watch out! Any sudden movements and he may just start hurling "eye-balls" at you! There are a couple treasure chests on the way towards the stairwell, so make sure to pick those up, and hurry outta there!

1.4 - Bone Pens:
In a dark corner, if you use the EYE OF GOD you can see a treasure chest. Eat it and head south down the stairwell. Don't wanna hang around too long- the "Weirdos" (refer to chapter 2.4) might start buggin' ya!

1.5 - Graveyard:
Nothing to do here but get to the next floor- but it will be a doozy! "Bone Hilda" (refer to chapter 2.5) is always scavenging around for bones- and she might takes yours too, if you let her! The stairwell is on the far south end of the room so make a run for it!

1.6 - Catacombs:
Disturbing... All that can be said! A treasure chest is located in the top-right corner of the room, eluding all... If you look through the eyes of a SKULL WALL you can see "The Eternal Rocker" (refer to chapter 2.6) doing his thing... Amazing easter egg for all the fans!

1.7 - Antechamber:
Ominous atmosphere engulfs this room. There are a couple tasty TREASURE CHESTS on either side of the stairwell. Get ready- the final showdown is about to happen!

1.8 - Foyer of the Damned:
Make your way past all the CULTISTS (refer to chapter 2.7) and hit the switch behind the EYE GOD statue. The pools of molten lava will drain, and at the bottom of the left pool you will find a LARGE PENDANT. Climb back up to the main area and insert the LARGE PENDANT into the altar. This will summon EYE GOD and (if you've been following the guide) the ANTI-EYE you received earlier will instantly obliterate the final boss. Otherwise you've got a long fight ahead!
A few tips: Don't let its eye look directly at the camera! If you can distract it with TELEVISION SET long enough it will start having issues with its vision and become stunned! Don't let it sleep, or it will regain all its health! If you followed all these tips it should be 100% dead.
Congrats! You've just beat the game. Enjoy the closing credits, and give yourself a pat on the back. Watch out for "Dungeon Lovers 3: Another Year" coming this Summer!



2.1 - Yelling Head
Yelling Head
No one knows why it keeps yelling. Rumors say it lost its lover in "the war" and it wouldn't stop the shrieking, so they walled it deep under the ground. Who can blame it for yelling in a situation like that? Well, count me out... I still don't want to listen to it!

2.2 - Vomiting Val
Vomiting Val
A portal to a dimension of pure vomit was opened in his stomach by a Dark Wizard. It just never ends! No one could put up with the stench so they put him down here. Maybe, one day, when vomit is a renewable energy source, people will come to appreciate him for what he is...

2.3 - Eye Guy
Eye Guy
He can see everything... Except how bad the decisions he makes are! He's been trapped on a platform, surrounded by flames, for well over 3 decades now! He always tries to "play it cool" but it's definitely made him very irritable! Uses his eyes as projectiles to pelt incoming explorers. What a jerk!

2.4 - Weirdo
What is this thing? It has all the charm of a rotting baboon! What a strange looking thing... Best avoid it!

2.5 - Bone Hilda
Bone Hilda
She has a deep appreciation of the finer things in life. She'll grave-rob forever and die content with it! Some times she can be a bit aggressive about her hobby, though... Try to be careful! She can overpower most with her Bone Magick. If you can beat her though... Well, let's just say, "the bones are all yours!"

2.6 - The Eternal Rocker
The Eternal Rocker
Punk may be dead, but this guy sure isn't! Making a cameo from the infamous New Wave film "The Eternal Rocker", this surprise guest gives life to the party! You can find him rocking out in secret deep within the catacombs- even the skeletons are excited!

2.7 - Cultist
Worship the dead EYE GOD. They appear from the shadows, of unknown origin... Just who are these guys? Watch the secret ending for more info!



Print this out and keep track of all the treasures you've got!