It seems like just yesterday Crypt Worlds was coming out: promising new game mechanics, releasing DLC daily, spraying her horrible fluids all over our faces. Yet, as hard as it may be to believe, it has been one whole year since the release of Crypt Worlds, and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere soon! She's everywhere- in the skies, above our homes, lurking within dreams... Her faithful minions watch down from their mysterious black helicopters. Will it ever end? No? Well, let's take a look at these classic images then!



Hardcore Gamedev

Ah, the good ol' days! This edgy, "In-Your-Face" image was taken only two weeks before the "Great War"- it acts as an astounding testament to the utter failure of humanity to recognize its own doom. Despite strange psychic abilities she was just now beginning to understand, even Crypt Worlds could not have foreseen the terrors that lay right in front of her big, weird face.
Now, as fate would have it- the terror which only days earlier she would have feared, was now something she increasingly felt drawn towards... Well, for now... Enjoy it while it lasts, you kids!

Powerful Gamedev

In this classic picture, Crypt Worlds is using wild, flailing arm motions to assert her control over the Games Industry. She declares a final warning: "those who have not yet played my game will perish"! Wow- she really means it! Looks like Crypt Worlds has done it again.

Natural Gamedev

Now, 1000 years after the fall of Crypt Worlds, the graceful Gamedev can be seen back in its natural habitat, swinging from tree to tree. Crypt Worlds- despite her best efforts- could not stop the decline of humanity. Her love of gaming was her own downfall- and with her, the rest of society as well. Yes, this tragic tale ends here... But in the future, maybe- just maybe- we will have another chance: a world without games.