Black Hole

Trip Report - The Void:

when i woke up i couldn’t remember how i arrived here. the last thing i remember seeing was a formless black eye engulfing the skies, and then a screeching sound that grew louder and louder until i must’ve passed out. seemed kind of weird but i’m willing to give credit, the scale was pretty impressive, probably took a lot of work to get right.

back to The Void though- now i don’t want to sound negative but one of the first things i noticed was the lack of decoration. like literally! the limitless boundaries of nothingness were only being used to house one thing: more nothingness! there was the occasional translucent non-euclidean plane floating around but it’s like they existed in a different realm or something- they just kept phasing in and out! not very convincing in my opinion, they could’ve at least attempted to use more conventional forms.

after a few decades of falling(?) i started to get really bored. it really felt like it was all style over substance. not a particularly worthwhile experience at all.

given the choice to visit again i would say: avoid The Void!