Knock knock.
Nothing. I feel no texture, no noticeable difference from anything else. I don’t know if the door even goes anywhere. I look closer: the door is a picture applied to the wall. The wall is merely an extension of the ground, jutting upwards from the flat plane which acts as my ground. The ground is part of the same molded form that makes up everything. Everything is shrouded in a fog that stops me from going too far. I kept going and now I’m here.

I keep trying to open the door but to no avail. All I can do is the same knocking motion repeatedly.
I don’t know if I can even do anything else so I keep knocking. Keep knocking. Keep knocking. The act of knocking increases my Fatigue Bar and I fall asleep on the spot.

I dream of myself dreaming of myself outside the door that is a picture on a wall that extends from a plane that makes up everything (which is covered in fog).
I can’t move so I continue watching myself sleeping there. I see myself wake up and I move towards the door to continue knocking to no avail. I knock. Keep knocking. This continues for a good 6 hours before I awake.
The light is the same. The fog is the same. Everything is where it was. The same children are in a clearing 2 houses over still standing around, waiting. I figure I should ask them about the door/wall/plane/everything.
I approach and they start to pretend they’re playing or something. One child just waves some vague blunt object at me. He says “I’m not afraid of the Were Rabbit!” and I weep slightly. How could he not know.
I try to activate a conversation with the largest child but she throws a stick at me.
Lose 10HP.
I do not want to die today. I want to know where I am. I want to find the Elemental Stones so I can go home and gain impossible powers. I decide to try knocking again. I don’t know what other options I have at this point.

I approach the door but I get caught on a jagged intersection between the wall and the plane that acts as the ground. I struggle, making my fastest run animation, but all it does is set me deeper in my fate.
My fate is that I will fall through this world, to the infinite horrors below, never to be recognized again. The world will still be there but I will grow increasingly distant from it with every passing moment. My descent into nothingness will not kill me, but I will be dead.
That is my fate- and I have been living it since 1998.