Psychic Prison

1. PSYCHIC: psychic is a gelatinous being that constantly absorbs all nearby mental energy within a radius of 10 yds. if any one person is too close for too long all their mental energy will be drained, with the psychic having gained a complete copy of that person’s mind. from here on the psychic may take the victim’s form, continuing as a clone of its victim, and may also switch between forms or back to its original state for further destruction. very dangerous, do not taunt with Sticks.

2. GOD: an esoteric creature who was cast out from an alternate dimension and began creating alternative spaces for it to reside. however this has given god a big head, leading them to believe they can do however they please within their realms. this is not the case, and they had to be jailed, as they would not stop harassing cashiers.

3. SCUM APE: this ape knows no boundaries. he is said to live in an abandoned mausoleum, but this is not true as he now lives in Jail. once a renowned scientist, the scum ape was involved in a horrible accident and fused with the scum in a nearby pond. also he become an ape. after these events he spent all day lurking in family pools and hugging tombstones. it had to be stopped.

4. SKULL LORD / CORPSE: actually just a dead body, but it’s good to keep up appearances for new prisoners.

5. GUARD DOG (BLOOD): this dog was summoned from a vat of Pure Blood, from which it took shape and hardened over 6 days. no one knows what it is guarding. maybe it is a prisoner, having committed a horrible Blood Crime. no one knows any more.