Rainbow Palace

I’m moving to the Rainbow Palace. It’s the place to be. The place to see. I know it’s just the place for me!
In case you weren’t aware I love Rainbows and also Palaces but to top it off I love Air.
I won the Rainbow Palace through a sweepstakes I entered on the back of a Di Gornio’s pizza box.
I was really happy but I realized it meant a lot was going to have to change. The Bonecrusher moved into the dungeon but he shouldn’t pose too much threat as long as I continue hexing his limbs. I’m not sure how to tell him I need to move on.
The Bonecrusher destroyed all my hopes and dreams last Summer when I introduced him to my parents and he crushed their skeletons with his fists. I wasn’t sure how to handle it, but I can’t let him go at this point.
I’m starting a new life and the emotional impact of dumping him would be too much. I just need to subdue his body for another 3 months before I let him off. I’m sure he’ll understand.
I just need to start off my career as Rainbow Princess and everything can go back to normal.