Max Rockets

Jet Ya Ta Tha Moon! “MAX ROCKETS” is back again! In this upcoming action-adventure title from Nindendy, you have been trapped by the classic arch-nemesis “Light XAVIER” and must find a way back to your universe before he enacts his plans for world domination! It’s not all bad though- there’s a ton to see, and with Max’s rockets you can explore the ever-shifting environments which drift below our world from the comfort of your own beanbag- but don’t get too hasty! Traversing these unseen wonderlands has its downsides- for example, the inhabitants aren’t too happy to see you! They may try to bounce you off platforms, block your way, or even kill ol’ Max himself! However, with your arsenal of gadgets, ingenuity, and some hope, you can escape the sub-dimensional plane and give arch-nemesis “Light XAVIER” a real walloping!

Release Date: TBA