10/19/2012: STRANGE COINS

there was a first part that took place in a desert- there were a few libraries scattered across the place. one was being destroyed because it was infested with roaches. i went to another one, but that's about all i remember of it.

the main part took place in an extremely packed collectibles store with shelves and racks everywhere filled to the brim. there was an arcade machine near the counter- i thought i heard it returning change but no one was there. i found out it was, and all the coins were collectible coins from various countries, some of which don't exist. i thought i should try selling them on ebay so i could come back and buy cool stuff.

ultimately a kid wearing a large visor started hassling me, following me around the store, and trying to "bite" me even though it felt more like he had latched onto my leg. it turns out the coins were his, but by this point a group of police were dragging him off, at which point i told him i'd return his coins somehow. the last thing i really remember is spending a few of the coins on comics.