i was living at a large school made entirely of red brick- the majority of the school was a large labyrinth of passages with low whispering sounds in the darkness- they were mostly coming from "rooms" that were like classrooms but pitch black in the cracks in the walls. there were some huge rooms, maybe 10+ stories tall and covering more space than a parking lot, where major events took place. outside of the school complex there was a concrete spire which went up into the clouds. the only way in was a little ramp that went down to some doors. inside the only room was a generator, a lot of wires, some control panels, and a few chairs. outside of the spire there was a big well, but i only really saw it in the distance. this section all took place on a flat grassy field.

the second section of the dream took place in a dark forest with a never-ending road that had shiny gray polyhedrons racing down it. i could see steam rising from the side of the roads at some points. there were signs with faces on them everywhere. at the end of the dream i was in a temple which had an expansive synthetic lake built in the middle. the temple was built like a frame above the lake. there were ramps all over, connecting thousands of terraces stretching upwards with restaurants and altars littered around them. people were everywhere as well but they felt like static. i don't remember any other major areas.

the way the dream actually played out is uncomfortable in some ways. the first thing i remember is being at a meeting of some sort behind one of the cracks in the wall. i was being lectured for reasons i didn't understand. later i was in one of the huge open event rooms, and i punched a few people who fell over like those wobbly inflatable punching bags for kids. no one seemed to notice or really care. eventually a man came up to me and told me i needed to leave because i was disrupting their party. i punched him and he fell over. i don't remember much else until i was confined to the spire/generator room, except a bit where i was being carried across the fields by a robotic thing.

the majority of my time in the generator room was running around trying to avoid stepping on wires. in the generator room i was plotting to destroy the school by flooding it. i have no clue what my plan was, i remember seeing that well a couple times and it may have involved that, but honestly i have no clue how i ended up flooding the school- i did though. once i flooded the school i was being chased by helicopters until i ended up on the aforementioned road in the dark forest.

i was racing between the polyhedrons, not sure where to go, falling into small waist-high holes in the road. i would get up and run further down the road. at the end of the road there was a tunnel slanted upwards. i walked up it, entirely dark except some framed posters which had lights. it led into the temple where i was afraid my flood from earlier would destroy their building too, and trying to warn people but no one even stopped. i sat there and eventually water started rising from the lake within the pit in the middle, and i started swimming up and jumping off stuff like in the underwater areas of the old sonic games. on the top terrace i was laying on the floor eating something from one of the restaurants and i think everyone else had died.

i very rarely remember the end of my dreams but i am actually pretty sure that was the end of it.