took place in a cityscape-mall contained inside a giant metal framework filled with glass panels, allowing bright morning light in through the ceiling and walls. despite being very busy-looking a large amount of stores and other facilities were seemingly abandoned. a majority of this dream was spent in the food court, an inset cul-de-sac within the exterior architecture of the mallscape, and the passages above with low ceilings that tunneled around the exterior of the structure.

the entire dream i was trying to recover a childhood relic, some sort of board game, and was starting with this section of the mall-city. in the middle of the food court there was a large angular sculpture, and i thought it may be on top of it, but i couldn't reach it. for the moment i continued on- looking through the ruins of tiny food stands, not finding much until upon exiting one stall i ran into my friend Kat- she was wearing a space suit and had a jetpack. i asked if she could fly up to the top of the statue and Kat obliged, hovering away but finding nothing but some medallion thing.

i don't really remember what happened next but i remember a long section where i was walking high above the food courts in the little passages with glass windows overlooking the area. the most noteworthy part is Kat and i walking past a large window looking into a seemingly infinite "daycare" which was brightly lit and filled with uninflated balloon structures, like moon bounces and stuff. led into her talking about the childhood traumas that occurred there.

i never found the board game i don't think.