I was with a bunch of people I didn’t know in an old warehouse- there were no windows and I could hear engines humming in another room. The area I was in had two levels, the top being a small raised terrace connected by a concrete staircase. There were black puddles and broken machines lying around the floor in the lowered section of this room. I was sitting at a shabby wooden table, with the other people I didn’t know, and on the edge of the table was sitting a headless mannequin (in the dream I somehow knew it was an “embalmed corpse" but it looked like a mannequin to me).

For some reason the people started filling up the body/mannequin with oils and “blood" (it was a clear red liquid but I don’t know if it was actually blood) through the open neck and little chunks of organs were surfacing from the neck. I was afraid and went to the lower area so I wouldn’t have to look at it as this was going on but then I heard some screams. I went back to look at what had happened but nothing was there any more but the table. I turned around and saw black puddles on the floor. I walked into one, and my leg got stuck in it, and I started bleeding from these holes in my legs. I started crying and then I woke up.