07/20/2012: MALL CITY

The first thing I really remember was being in a bar, part of a running tournament or something, in which I opened myself up to fighting strangers to the death around the mall, and finally had completed a certain goal which gave me a highly valued title. After this I was let free for awhile, fearful of being assassinated by potential usurpers of my new title. I went to the food court where I met an assumed lover, and we had food and I kind of started drifting off into weird tangents (I don’t really remember the conversation other than that). I started wandering around with this person and we traversed a lot of upwards shafts (I’m guessing for elevators or something) with hooks and platforms.

At the top there was a large courtyard with a glass ceiling, which revealed a seemingly infinite tower amid the blackness. I spent a lot of time looking around for an object I’m not entirely sure of the importance of.

Almost all the rooms were identical, and very dark with only a small lamp lighting the rooms, eventually scaring me into believing I was stuck in a never-ending loop of sorts. One of the rooms contained a portal though which took me up to a big plane covered in grass and enclosed within a glass dome. I don’t remember much after this.