04/12/2012: BONE CHURCH

Some of what I remember:

-A room with a single window and a staircase leading down to a beach, with this weird monster kind of like the Dead Hand from Ocarina of Time just pacing back and forth on the sands. I went out to try and see it closer but for some reason couldn’t. This is where I remember waking up though.

-A bunch of bodies were stockpiled and talking in some language I couldn’t understand. This was in a huge cathedral with a huge chamber in the center that was sealed off. The whole place was constructed of bones like in some monasteries. Even though the whole place was really dark I remember the stained glass window had this bright light emanating from it, but it didn’t reach the rest of the room apparently.

-My best friend was in the chamber it turned out but she had a disease and I couldn’t talk to her about it. I could hear her dying though, which obviously was uncomfortable.

That’s about all I remember.